Rage Cage 2000

Leon Purdy30th of June 2016www.ragecage.com.au / rage-cage-2000

Size : 27 x 17m

The original Rage Cage™ which has set the scene for a revolution in sport and recreational facilities. The “2000” is ideally suited to councils, parks, schools and resorts.

At a glance

  • Goal (x2) soccer / hockey / lacrosse
  • Netball ring (x2)
  • Basketball hoop / backboard (x2)
  • Tennis rebound wall (x1)
  • Cricket stumps (x2)
  • Climbing wall (x1)
  • Accuracy target wall (x2)
  • Bench (x6)

The Rage Cage 2000 is fully enclosed with 3 metre heavy duty mesh fencing.

Surfacing options

Rage Cage costs do not include surfacing of the court area, which is usually installed on a concrete slab. There are two options: Paint with line marking or rubberised soft-fall surface with line markings.

There are 8 Rage Cage models to choose from, which range from $50,000. to $200,000. depending on requirements, budget and location. 

Leon Purdy
Director of Rage Cage Sports Pty Ltd