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The ultimate Multi-Sports Complex designed for school children aged from five years old, right through to senior students in years 11 and 12.

Over the past 20 years, the design has continued to evolve into the Ultimate Multi-Sports Complex that is delivered today.


The Ultimate Multi-Sports Complex is an innovative, creative design solution to maximise space and safety, whilst offering students the opportunity to learn and play a wide variety of sports and activities. The complex is designed to be enclosed using a cage system by where students can easily be monitored whilst they play and explore!

Each complex is purpose designed and built to meet the needs of your school, space allocation and sporting preferences. One of the wonders of the complex is it’s designed to service students from kindergarten, right through to years 11 and 12. This is done by creating a range of sports and activities which have varying levels of difficulty – without having to adjust heights – so it’s always ready to use!

Complexes can come in any size, colour, sports and even your school logo can be included. Every complex is tailored to meet your needs. The complex also has wheelchair access and is also compatible for visually impaired sport.

Since the concept of the “Rage Cage” began, the company has grown and taken off across Australia. The original version of the “Rage Cage” can be seen everywhere from local parks in the centre of the ACT, to indigenous rural communities in the middle of WA.

When designing the first Rage Cage, the designers knew that all systems must last the test of time! Manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia, the quality of the product is second to none. The system is constructed from galvanised and Poly Aspartic coated Australian steel materials; which are cut to size and fabricated before being shipped to your site for installation. All elements of the complex meet the Australian Standards on ISO:9001 and have achieved accredited safety standard approved by independent assessors.

Each installation takes between 7-14 days (pending weather), meaning the entire system can be erected during a school holiday break to minimise disruption to teachers and students.
The system is also praised by PE Teachers across Australia. The Ultimate Multi-Sports Complex is designed with a closed in cage area providing an easy to monitor and controlled sporting environment. Further, the wide range of activities provided gives students a continuous variety of physical activities, ensuring they are more entertained than usual. The complex also has wheelchair access and is wheelchair sports compatible.

The Cage cannot be locked ensuring that no children can become entrapped inside the complex or jam fingers as a safety feature. However, the complex is designed as a permanent structure to alleviate the need to put ‘up and down’ and reduce the amount of stolen equipment.
If your school is interested to find out more, the process is as simple as a few easy steps!

1. Contact us: It’s as easy as picking up the phone or sending us an email to find out which system is right for your school.
2: Site Assessment & Inspection: One of our Expert Project Managers may visit your school to assess the site location and discuss your vision for your new Ultimate Multi-Sports Centre. This is a no-obligation free quote – so what are you waiting for – get in contact with us now!
3: Quote and Plan presented: Next, a quote and draft plan are presented for your approval and feedback. This process will see our Project Manager work with you to ensure all your requirements are met to budget.
4: Build and installation: The complex takes as little as 7 days to install! Our team of highly skilled tradesman work extremely fast to ensure minimal disruption to your classes and school. The team is also flexible and we recommend installation during school holidays.
5. Launch: Once your complex is ready, let’s launch it! The launch of your Multi-Sports Complex is a wonderful engagement tool for parents, students and extended family to come to your school to play in the new space! If your school is lucky, Captain Rage Cage may even pop by for a visit on the day!  The Multi-Sports complex is also a great way to gain PR for your school. Local media love the Australian built unique system and the complex has appeared in a wide range of Media articles across Australia.


Rage Cage Modular

Our Rage Cage modular model consists of the Fun Pack 1, 2 and 3 units which can be sold as stand-alone sports equipment or as a package, as shown above. The Modular is comprised of multiple sports stations with its own rebound fence, including:

  • Goal x 2 (soccer / hockey / lacrosse)
  • Netball ring x 2
  • Basketball hoop with backboard x 4
  • Tennis rebound wall x 4
  • Cricket stumps x 6
  • Accuracy target wall x 4
  • A-Z sports stations
  • Bench x 4


Fun Pack 1, 2 and 3

Fun Pack modules can be purchased individually and give you the flexibility to build your own unique layout.

Module 1

2.6m wide x 1.25 deep x 3.6m high

  • Basketball (hoop / backboard)
  • Tennis rebound wall
  • Cricket stumps

Module 1 reformatted.jpg

Module 2

2.6m wide x 1.5m deep x 3.6m high

  • Netball ring
  • Accuracy target walls
  • Cricket stumps

Module 2 reformatted.jpg

Module 3 

13m wide x 1.5m deep x 1.4m (goal area 3.5m wide x 1.4m high)

  • Goal (soccer / hockey / lacrosse)

Module 3 reformatted.jpg