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rage cage Introduction

The ultimate multi-sports complex.


A Rage Cage is an all ages, all-in-one permanent outdoor sport and recreational complex that is designed to incorporate over ten of the most popular Australian and International sports.

Built to last

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia from solid steel, galvanised and brightly powder-coated. The Rage Cage is virtually indestructible, built to withstand Australia’s extreme conditions. It will be standing bright and strong for many years to come.

Unlimited fun

All standard Rage Cage models come ready for a diverse range of popular sports. These include soccer, hockey, softcrosse (modified lacrosse), netball, basketball, cricket, rebound tennis, handball, bouldering (horizontal rock climbing), roller sports and accuracy throw.

Custom designs

The following Rage Cage models in this website are only the beginning. All standard models can be customised with your own unique graphics on basketball backboards along with personalised designs incorporated into the optional soft-fall surface.

Manufactued in Australia with galvanised and powder coated Australian steel.


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rage cage Range

Explore our range of Rage Cage solutions.

The range of models and sizes mean they are suitable for practically any location. From schools, sports centres and parks to remote and rural communities.


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Standard Models

The original Rage Cage that started it all. Ten sports in one robust, colourful unit.

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Urban Series

Lower fencing, but the same thrills as other Rage Cages at a more modest price.

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Provides an amazing amount of sport options for both recreational use and structured lessons.

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Sports PLUS

Designed to suit all Sports Codes and for players of any level or age group.

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I cannot recommend the Rage Cage more highly as a means of providing an "indestructable" sporting facility to children of all ages.

Wiltja Residential Program

Every day, from now on... there will be people here after school and even on weekends.

Mount Barker School Student

The Fun Pack is in constant use with our year 3, 4 and 5 students being assured of active play during recess and lunch.

Crafers Primary School